28 10, 2019
  • Image of illustrated human with the brain highlighted for the World Stroke Day 2019 blog post

World Stroke Day 2019

2019-10-28T15:39:22-05:00October 28th, 2019|

Globally, strokes are the leading cause of disability and the second leading cause of death, affecting 14.5 million people this year alone and taking 5.5 million lives. Those that survive their strokes experience a significantly diminished quality of life in areas like physical movement, communication, social support,

23 09, 2019

What is Peripheral Arterial Disease?

2019-09-23T10:56:20-05:00September 23rd, 2019|

More than 160,000 amputations are performed each year, many of them as the result of Peripheral Arterial Disease, or PAD. PAD affects nearly 18 million Americans, but knowing the signs early can help prevent you or a loved one from losing a limb. The team at Cardiovascular Health

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